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  • NHTSA Says No Recall Neccessary for Flying XLR Roof Panels

    The agency tasked with keeping our national highways safe has decided that roofs flying off cars at 65mph doesn't warrant a recall. During their investigation into why XLR roofs are detaching, NHTSA found that the adhesion holding the car's roof panels in place will weaken over a decade or so due to an "unintentional oxide layer" on the magnesium roof frame.

    So they know the problem will eventually occur, but it just takes too long to justify fixing it?

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  • Investigation Looks Into Reports Roofs Flying Off the XLR

    Multiple complaints about the roof flying off of the 2004-2005 XLR are under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). There’s concern that the adhesive used to secure the roof panels to the frame is degrading over time. Obviously, folks who bought an XLR enjoy driving with the roof down, but the roof off? That’s a different story.

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