Most Cadillac Brakes Complaints

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Year Complaints
CTS 20
SRX 12
DeVille 5
XT5 3
SeVille 2
Escalade 2
Escalade EXT 2

Brakes Problems in the News


  • Lawsuit Says GM Owners Should be Worried About Vacuum Pump Problems Creating Stiff Break Pedals

    A lawsuit says a failed vacuum pump in GM’s brake boosters can make the brake pedal extremely hard to push, leading to longer stopping distances and accidents. While investigating a rear-end collision involving the lead plaintiff ”GM told her she should read the manual to understand how the brakes worked.” Nothing says “we value our customers” like accusing them of not knowing how brakes work. GM promised to fix the plaintiff’s bumper in exchange for confidentiality. Obviously this didn’t go over well.

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  • Excess Gas Buildup in the XTS' Brake Caliper Pistons

    GM says it needs to bleed the brake systems of 230,000 cars because the recalled vehicles have rear brake caliper pistons that have hydrogen gas trapped inside that could be released into the brake systems. ZF, Excess gas –– we’ve all had it and no-one likes it. The same holds true for your braking system. This problem may cause your brake pedal to feel “spongy” but it’s unclear if it affects stopping distances.

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  • XT5 Hydraulic Brake Fluid Leaks

    While you're probably still digesting that extra serving of holiday cookies, here's something else to chew on – GM says some 2017 Cadillac XT5 and GMC Acadia SUVs will have diminished braking ability because of hydraulic fluid leaks. GM says a red "BRAKE" warning light will come on when this happens. So if you see that, stop driving as soon as possible – which in these SUVs could take quite a while. The bad caliper assemblies are on Acadias built between 04/19/2016 and 04/22/2016

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