What's Wrong with the 1st Generation ATS (2013—2018)?

Owners of the 1st generation ATS have sent in 49 complaints over 6 model years. The overall PainRank™ of 4.7 ranks 31st in reliability out of 37 Cadillac generations.

Complaints By Model Year

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Year Complaints
2013 12
2014 14
2015 11
2016 12
2017 0
2018 0

This Generation in the News


  • Class-Action Wants GM to Take Action on Delaminated CUE Screens


    A lawsuit says GM is aware of manufacturing errors causing the Cadillac CUE screens to crack, bubble, and delaminate. The screens become unresponsive and out-of-warranty repairs can cost up to $1,200. The plaintiffs point to a series of technical service bulletins (TSB) GM sent to its dealerships between 2014 and 2017 as proof the automaker knew about installation problems. Specifically how a lack of preperation allowed moisture to enter the screens, effecting the bond between the glass and laminate surfaces.

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